We understand that a boat is a big investment, even if you build it yourself. That is why our approach enables you to buy the kit in logical stages so that you can manage your investment as your project proceeds


Our kits (for most of our boats except the very smallest ones) all are supplied with plans, assembly instructions, an OSB construction jig, hull panels, bulkheads, longitudinal members transom(s) and templates for knees and braces. Some, like the Candlefish 16 also include decks (see the kit description for more details). 

The jig is a primary feature of our kits. It allows you to build your boat knowing that the bulkheads are straight, parallel and at the correct height.

Cloth, epoxy, wire, screws and the dimensional lumber for rub rails, etc. are more economically purchased locally.

On some of the larger craft, the soles, cabintops and decks are not included because they are best cut to fit onsite (and it's better to not need to store the materials in the same space in which you're constructing the hull)