Two new kits are now available in the Devlin line.

The Cackler is a wonderful, seaworthy hunting skiff. With a max load of 805 lbs and capable of carrying a 35hp motor, she tops out at 33mph.

The Polliwog is a proven, popular design built by dozens if not hundreds of successful home builders. Now available as an affordable kit!


After customer feedback obtained at the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Show, we have added two new kits to the portfolio.

The Dipper 19 is a really innovative new design. It's twin 9.9 outboard motors are the last word in nimble maneuverability. It is gorgeous and clearly reflective of the Devlin design aesthetic. It is also easily trailerable with even 6 cylinder vehicles and will fit in your garage.

If something a bit bigger is desired, consider the Surf Scoter 22. A proven and popular 20-year-old design, recently updated with the current thinking in power, the SS 22 boasts a top speed of 26mph and a cruising speed of 18. With a fuel burn of less than 4gph at cruising speed, it is also affordable to operate.

The first full-size Lit'l Coot kit has been cut out and is now under construction at the posh, spacious and well-lit international headquarters of West Satsop Boatworks. The panels line up exactly as we've come to expect from a Devlin design (meaning really well).

Kits are available now.