West Satsop Boatworks uses highly-precise computerized cutting to make parts which are accurate enough for easy assembly. One of our trademark joinery features is the puzzle splice.

The puzzle splice has about .005 gap between panels. This gap is small enough to guarantee that the panel is properly aligned, but wide enough to allow you to apply glue to the mating surfaces.

First, Set the panel sections on piece of polyethelene sheet. Apply mixed but unthickened epoxy to each side of the joint, and slide them together, moderate pressure or tapping may be necessary to get the parts to slide together. Resist the temptation to dry fit the parts. They will slide together nicely when glue is applied, but not if the joint is all-buggered-up from abuse.

After applying epoxy, we recommend applying packaging tape to both sides of the joint to assure that the epoxy stays where you want it while it is curing.