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The Devlin crew are currently building two of one of the newest kits in the kits catalog, the Duckling 17. They are both going to be gorgeous boats and equipped with Piantedosi Row Wings, promise to be very fast rowers.


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"I love it when a plan comes together"

We've been dilatory in posting recently, but we have an excuse; it's been a very busy summer.

Just before the Port Townsend Wooden Boat show, Sam Devlin announced the availability of kits on the Devlin Website.  We had a great booth at the show, which was very well attended in part because of the spectacular weather. We had a 5x10 Skiff in the booth as well as models of the Pelicano and Litl Coot.





Our booth at Port Townsend

Here's the Pelicano Model, with an "in-progress" model showing the traditional method of creating a construction strongback.

 Pelicano model

New this year is the Litl Coot, a brand new Design from the Devlin drawing board. The model was very well received and the in-progress model showing our strongback/construction jig, was a good teaching tool.

Litl Coot model

The Litl Coot will be a great little 18' pocket motorsailer. Affordable, accessible for the independent boatbuilder and storable in a one-car garage. She has inside steering, bilge keels to minimize draft and dry out flat, and dual rudders so that the outboard prop is in the water on either tack. And it's cute as heck.

Friday was busy at the booth and Saturday was pandemonium. It was a great show and we want to thank everyone who stopped by to say hi.

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